Learn to boost sales in 5 easy steps

Aprende a disparar tus ventas en 5 pasos sencillos

Once you have decided what to sell online, it’s important to make sure that your customers follow through and make a purchase. Did you know that you can add a lot of extra functionality to your store by using Apps? These are great tools to help you achieve more and give your business an extra boost.

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5 tips for managing your inventory

5 tips para administrar tu inventorio

Many feel a strong aversion to the word “inventory”. They associate it with an extreme organization, repetitive product counting, and ambiguous information among other problems. Unfortunately, inventory management has earned this bad reputation because of those who don’t understand it and didn’t manage it properly from the start.

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5 tools to manage your time and organize your sales

5 herramientas para gestionar tu tiempo y organnizar las ventas

When we realize that we can’t create more time, what we have to do is manage it better, the focus is on finding the tools to help us manage it better. In this article, we present 5 tools that will help you manage your time and organize your sales in the best possible way, and what’s best, all these great tools are free. If you want their more advanced versions, you can pay extra to obtain them.

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How to design a good checkout process

Como diseñar un buen proceso de Checkout

The payment process is fundamental to your sales to be completed. If a customer runs into a slow and convoluted process when trying to buy something, you could lose many potential sales. An effective purchasing process allows customers to do their payments in a quick and intuitive way, in the least number of steps possible.

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Optimize your online store

Optimiza tu tienda Online

Appearing in the top spots of Google is the dream of any online store. Being on the first page (without hiring Adwords) represents a huge opportunity to receive visitors to your store who actually have an intention to buy. The big question is: How do you manage to optimize your online store without spending millions on the attempt? Achieving it is becoming increasingly difficult.

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