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Apparel is a flexible theme with all the necessary sections and components to make the most of Jumpseller's functionalities.

Its design it's focused to present products related to clothing in the best possible way, however, it can be adapted to be used in any field.

€280 EUR
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Un tema perfectamente completo

18 elementos

Choose from 18 several different components to customize your Home, Category and Product pages so you can present your store the way you want.

Advanced customization options

Ajusta todas las opciones del tema como colores, márgenes, formas, fondos, ancho y mucho más, para que tu tienda se ajuste a las líneas gráficas del diseño de tu marca.

Integración con Google Fonts

Choose the best fonts for your store's titles, texts and buttons from Google's full fonts database.

Fast Shopping experience

Give your customers several options to buy your products, with direct Add to Cart buttons and Buy it now links. Also quick and visible Cart and Checkout links so purchases can be concreted faster.

4 Categorias de plantillas

Customize the look of your category pages with different templates, so you can display products in different ways, based on what you offer inside each one of them.

Adapta todos los colores

Take full control of all the colors of your store. Change how the Header, Footer, Mobile Menu and all components look, so it matches perfectly with the design of your brand.

Customizable Customer pages

Make more attractive the pages where your customers land, like the Login and Register pages, so it fits the look of your brand.

Página de producto totalmente personalizable

Modify and adapt the sections within your product pages by choosing how product options look and behave, add accordions with relevant information and much more.

Búsqueda Predictiva

Facilita la búsqueda de productos en tu tienda para que los clientes puedan encontrar lo que buscan más rápidamente. *Disponible solo para los planes Jumpseller Premium o superior

Reseña de Productos

Increase and generate trust on your brand by letting your customers add reviews and rate your products after they make a purchase with Jumpseller's new feature: Product Reviews*.

*Only available for Pro or higher Jumpseller plans

Custom Codes

Need to add an external plugin? Or maybe a Pop Up modal from an external application? Do it easily without the need to edit any kind of source code.

Make your store stand out

Edit even the smallest detail Make your store stand out

Customize your theme until you feel is perfect by taking advantage of the powerful Jumpseller's Visual Editor tool:

Theme Styles

Choose how buttons will look, define the icon for the Cart and make design decisions related to the Grid of your store or how corners and shapes will be.

Colores del Tema

Modify all the basic theme colors so it matches your brand design and guidelines.

Theme Header

Customize the Header of your store by uploading independent Logos for Desktop and Mobile devices or by changing the colors of all of its items.

Theme Footer

Create and define a very complete Footer section with all the necessary information, menus, social media links and details your customers need to have.

Independent Color selection

Even when you can modify the Theme Colors that are applied generally to your theme, you can also change and adapt independent and specific colors, like for example the Header, Footer and/or the Mobile menu.

Enhance your pages Una amplia variedad de Componentes

Create and develop a highly effective Home page and improve your sales conversions by using Components:

Slides and Banners

Agrega imágenes llamativas y eficaces con contenido relevante, para apartados como categorías, productos y páginas.

Products Carousels

Choose from 4 different type of carousels to present products the way you think it's best.

Instagram Feed

Connect your Instagram account and display the latest posts you have published in real time.


Present products, categories or pages with a unique and beautiful design layout.

Mail informativo de Mailchimp

Display a newsletter form so your customers can subscribe and receive the latest and most relevant emails you want to send.

+10 elementos

Enjoy and choose from the rest of available components so you can create unique pages and layouts.

Una amplia variedad de Componentes
Flexible category templates

Una amplia variedad de diseños Flexible category templates

Present your categories and its products in different ways depending on how you want information to be displayed:

Main category

Display all the subcategories of a category showing the first or more important products of each one inside a carousel.

Default with background image

Make the default template more beautiful by adding a background image at the back of the heading section of the category page.


Display the first 4 products of each subcategory along with an image, title and description.


Present the subcategories of a category with Logos and choose how many of them will be displayed per row.

Increase your conversions and sales Highly customizable product pages

Have full control of what sections are available and how they will be displayed in your product pages with several customization options to choose from:

Product Options & Custom Fields

Define how customers will see and choose from the available options on a product, as well as how information you add through Custom Fields will be displayed.


Agrega información general de todos tus productos para que los clientes puedan tener y conocer todos los detalles necesarios antes de comprar.

Reseña de Productos*

Let your customers read comments from others who have purchased at your store, so you can increase sales and build trust.

*Only available for Pro or higher Jumpseller plans

Product relations

Offer Related or Recommended products suggestions so your customers can find the best one for them easily.

Highly customizable product pages

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