What is PayPal?

PayPal is the faster and safer way to send and receive money without sharing your financial information.

For businesses, it is a system you can use to get paid electronically, in a number of different currencies, without waiting for cheques to arrive and clear. You can start accepting debit and credit card payments online in a few minutes.

For your customers, it’s also a more convenient way to pay online – because they don’t have to re-enter financial or personal information each time they buy. They only need to enter an email address and a password to complete the payment.

Jumpseller is a PayPal Partner, so accepting PayPal at your website is very easy for you – there's no programming required. You can start accepting payments in a few minutes.

PayPal benefits

  • Customers can choose to pay with debit card, credit card and bank account.
  • Protect your business against fraud and chargebacks.
  • No setup, monthly or cancellation fee.
  • Faster, safer and more convenient for your customers.
  • Trade with 190 countries in 24 currencies and increase your sales.

The best PayPal solution for your business

Jumpseller has PayPal's Express Checkout pre-integrated which allows your customers to speed through checkout in a few clicks, helping your business to reduce checkout abandonment, one of the major challenges faced by e-commerce.

Getting started is a two-step process

  • Step 1 - Sign up
    Signing up for a PayPal account is free and takes only a few minutes to get started. Go to www.paypal.com, click on “sign up”, select "Business Account" and fill in the form.
  • Step 2 - Activate PayPal on your site
    Jumpseller makes it easy for you to activate PayPal on your site. Please follow the instructions in your ecommerce solution to enable PayPal on your site.

In which currencies can I sell with PayPal?

PayPal supports only the most popular currencies, like USD, EUR or Braziliean Real.

If you plan to sell in Chilean Peso or Icelandic Krone you'll have to choose a different payment gateway.

Please check all currently supported currencies at PayPal.

Currency Restrictions We're all adding new payment gateways, so if you need to sell in your own currency just let us know.